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It is the Policy of the Company to conduct business in an honest, sincere lawful and ethical manner. Acts of bribery and corruption are condemned and the Company is committed to act professionally, fairly and with dignity and integrity in all business dealings and relationships. This is irrespective of the exact time and location of any operation. Effective systems such as the auditing of accounts are in place to counter bribery and corruption.


The objective of the Company is to prevent pollution of the environment from the following sources related to the aspects of its operations: Oil, Noxious Liquid Substances, Sewage, Garbage, Dangerous Goods, Ballast Water, Cargo Vapour and Engine Emissions, Refrigerants, Halons and CFCs, Noise, Anti-Fouling Paints, Sludge, Bilge Water, Tank Cleaning Residue, Effluent Discharges.


In this respect, the Company has established and maintains a Safety Management System, or SMS, that is designed to continuously improve the quality of the services offered by the Company. The SMS is based on the belief that preventing problems from occurring is in the best interests of the Company, its employees and its customers. The Company recognises the importance of customer satisfaction and will work to provide services, to its customers, that meet or exceed their requirements and are in accordance with the standards of the Company.

about us and our priorities

We are operators of modern oil tankers, Oil / Petroleum Storage, providing worldwide high quality services of oil transportation in a reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly manner. Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited was established in 1968 and maintains its head office in Piraeus. In its long history over the years the company has acquired more than 110 vessels. Therefore, its experience is unique in the full essence of “how to run dry-bulk ships”. Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited is a well-established player in the field and has the capacity, experience and aspirations to further expand depending on market conditions.

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With our long history and experience, the emphasis on education and training and the importance it places on the human element, the Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited offers its clients, its partners, its employees, and most importantly the environment and the society,Its Storage Rental Services in any Port in the world as well as shipping services which can be described by our single underlying long-term aim: excellence.


  • Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited has established a chartering arm, Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited Chartering Corporation. Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited is a newly formed company specializing in international maritime transportation, in particular, moving dry bulk or Oil commodities by connecting owners with first class Charterers. The company seeks to take in tonnage on period charter, primarily in the cape sector. Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited will have the benefit of the managing services and financial support, whose ship management experience dates back to the 1960s.


Petroleum Storage

Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited stores and handles petroleum products at the following terminal locations:

Chemical storage

Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited chemical storage meetS OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) standards and this can prevent most chemical reactivity hazards.

Gas Storage

Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited offers capacity at its underground storage facility in rotterdam,, enabling customers to store natural gas..

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