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Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited Services

Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited understands your business. We meet your need for trained, specialist transportation of bulk liquid chemicals and gases. We're your reliable link in the supply chain. Globally active. Personally responsible. Shchekino-Terminal Company Limited delivers smart solutions that go beyond the documented, safe and dependable collection, transport and delivery of hazardous materials. With us, you also get the latest Logistics Management Service. On-site Logistics. In short: simple yet smart solutions, from a specialist logistics expert. The world’s largest vertically integrated oil storage and logistics Company. oil tanks are located in Russia’s, Houston, Rotterdam, Brazil and Qingdao Commercial Sea ports

Storage of petroleum products

Everyone knows that the improper storage of petroleum products, they begin to lose their properties. To avoid such troubles, you need to properly take care of them properly. This requires special tanks that meet all safety requirements. The company is not the first year engaged in the provision of this service. Each brand of oil must contain a specially designed, fully serviceable tank. Due to the wide tank farm, the company can guarantee the safety of any kind of petroleum products in good condition. Kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel for stoves, GCS - all this can be deposited by ordering the corresponding service.